XPR rises on the charts


Alternative coin, XRP, is thriving within the cryptocurrency market, capitalizing on investors' worry about the inflation that is approaching the United States of America’s economy.

XRP’s value rose by 8%, earning it the position of the seventh most relevant cryptocurrency in the crypto market. With an everyday trading volume of $12.3 billion, XRP currently trades at $1.53.

XRP’s total market capitalization is pegged at $53.5 billion and it also serves as a payment method with swift and cheap transaction charges.

In a bid to retain its bullishness, cryptocurrency traders who possess XRP are signing a petition that is aimed at getting the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission to close up its ongoing lawsuit against the founders of XRP, Ripple.

There are speculations that XRP’s aim is to stay bullish and begin trading at $2. 4 within a short period of time.



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