What Elon Says: Tesla Vehicles can now be bought using bitcoin.

Elon Musk tweeted earlier today that his company’s electric vehicles can now be bought using bitcoin and this option will be available outside the United States later this year.

He tweeted: “You can now buy a Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) with bitcoin.

He added that any bitcoin paid to Tesla will not be converted into conventional currency.

The electric-car maker had last month said it bought $1.5 billion of bitcoin and would soon accept it as a form of payment for cars, sending the price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency soaring.

Musk, who has been promoting cryptocurrencies through his Twitter account, had last month criticized conventional cash, saying when it “has a negative real interest, only a fool wouldn’t look elsewhere.”

He had said that the difference with cash made it “adventurous enough” for the S&P 500 company to hold the cryptocurrency.

Following Tesla’s investment in bitcoin, several companies, including Uber Technologies Inc and Twitter Inc had shared their views on the cryptocurrency. Twitter said that it was still undecided in holding bitcoin, the ride-hailing company’s CEO could potentially accept the cryptocurrency as payment. General Motors Co said it will evaluate whether bitcoin can be accepted as payment for its vehicles.

The “Technoking of Tesla” is going all out in embracing the digital currency disrupting the global financial markets.

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