Uche Ogboi appointed as CEO of Lori Systems

Pan-African start-up logistics company, Lori Systems, reveals its new CEO.

A photo of newly appointed CEO of Lori Sytems, Uche Ogboi
Uche Ogboi

The outgoing CEO/Co-Founder of Lori Systems, Josh Sandler, announced via a Medium article that Uche Ogboi is going to be succeeding him and will be assuming the role of CEO from July 1st, 2021.

Josh Sandler, who is going to be on the board of Lori Systems as the Executive Chairman, explains that although Lori Systems is one of Africa’s biggest logistics software companies and is worth a billion dollars, there is more to be achieved.

He affirmed his confidence in Uche Ogboi’s ability to lead Lori Systems into achieving more success, citing her contribution to the company’s success in the last two years when she served as the COO.

Uche Ogboi stated that she is pleased about her new role, the opportunity to lead the company into a new market, and to explore all that she has planned out for the company.

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