Twitter to integrate Lightning Network

A photo of the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey
CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, took to Twitter to shower gratitude on Sphinx Chat, a messaging app that is being powered by Lightning Network.

Lightning Network is a layered Bitcoin blockchain company that aids the swift and cheap two-way payment channels that can be self-generated by its users. Sphinx Chat is the company’s encrypted messaging service added to the platform.

In response to Jack Dorsey’s appreciation tweet of Lightning Network’s Sphinx Chat, a Twitter user asked that Jack considers incorporating Lightning Network into Twitter or better still, his start-up company, BlueSky.

Jack’s response to this was “Only a matter of time.”. This has now sparked up speculations that the integration of Lightning Network into Twitter might be in the works but its role is still unclear how it will function seeing as Twitter already has a micropayment feature called Tip Jar.



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