Trump Organization in hot soup

The company of the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, in a very uncomfortable situation with the law.

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1 min readJul 1, 2021
Chief Financial Officer of Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg

Trump Organization, the namesake company belonging to Donald Trump, is being probed and charged to court alongside it’s Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg.

Trump Organization has been accused of tax evasion and fraud. This makes Allen Weisselberg an accomplice because of his role as the company’s CFO. Weisselberg surrendered to detainment by the Manhattan district attorney’s office in New York, USA.

Despite this, Allen Weisselberg claims to not be guilty and will be combating against the charges in the court of law. However, Donald Trump hasn’t been charged for any crime.

The Trump Organization addressed the situation through an official statement that stated that Allen Weisselberg’s detainment was political and unjust.

Thousands of investors and Donald Trump supporters are anxious to see what happens to Trump Organization going forward.



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