Quidax raises 7,772 BNB from token sales

A photo of the CEO of Quidax, Buchi Okoro
CEO of Quidax, Buchi Okoro

Founded by Buchi Okoro in 2018, Quidax is a Nigerian start-up cryptocurrency exchange company and its core token is QDX. The company has over 400,000 customers spread across 70 countries in the world and boasts of a transaction volume of $3 billion.

At a time when the cryptocurrency market was in ruins following a mass plunge that wiped out over $1 trillion and triggered the liquidation of thousands of investors, Quidax began the public sale of its token, QDX. It was sold out in less than 48 hours and had raised 7,722 BNB.

Following this successful development, BNB has stated that $QDX will be listed on its platform and DeFi platform, JulSwap, making it possible for interested persons to trade QDX.

Quidax said that the company is working towards evolving from its African-centered goal in order to focus squarely on bettering the QDX ecosystem, build its core product called QDX Vault, and most importantly, become the global abode of BEP20 tokens.



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