Pictet appoints Elif Aktug as Partner

A photo of Elif Aktug
Elif Aktug

Swiss multinational private bank, Pictet, announced that it has appointed Elif Aktug as Partner, the first woman to hold the position in the company’s 216 years of existence.

Elif Aktug is a fund manager at the asset management department of Pictet and she was appointed Partner alongside Francois Pictet, a member of the founding family of the Swiss bank. This addition has caused the number of partners at Pictet to come up to 9 with only had 43 individuals who were all men, serving at the top managerial level.

Partners at Pictet are charged with overseeing more than 600 billion francs ($713 billion) in assets, causing the bank to boast of a high level of profitability.

Although Elif Aktug is considered to be qualified to assume the role of Partner at Pictet, her appointment is also a show of effort on the organization’s part to embrace modernization and to include women in the company’s management and leadership.

Elif Aktug and Francois Pictet are to join the partnership from September 1st, 2021.



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