KKR acquires John Laing for $2.8 billion

British infrastructure company, John Laing, now has a new owner.

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May 20, 2021
A photo of KKR’s logo displayed on a screen

American private equity and investment company, KKR, has bought British infrastructure investment company, John Laing at a whopping sum of $2.8 billion.

As a result of the acquisition, John Laing’s shareholders are said to have benefited immensely from the company’s shares which rose to 11.3% at 401.6p.

Questions have been raised about the fate of members of staff of John Laing Group following the acquisition by KKR.

Reassurance about the job security of John Laing’s staff was made, stating that the acquisition won’t equate to loss of job for them but instead, will benefit them financially and opportunity-wise.



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