Jiji purchases Car45

Two of Nigeria’s most popular digital market spaces are coming together as one.

Business Stance
Jun 29, 2021

The Co-Founder of Jiji.ng, Vladimir Mnogoletniy, announced that the company has acquired well known Nigerian automobile trading platform, Cars45.

He revealed that the reason behind Jiji’s purchase of Cars45 is to expand further into the automobile trading industry.

Jiji is also said to be leveraging on Car45’s goodwill to gain the confidence of users in its automobile category as well as its inspection centers to aid the thorough inspection of vehicles.

The two most popular shopping categories on Jiji are real estate and vehicles. A combination of all of Jiji’s entire listing is worth $10 billion.

Cars45 and Jiji are going to be combining their operations in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya to foster the smooth transition of the acquisition.

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