Hino Motors and REE Collaborate on Electric Vehicles

An electric car being recharged.
An electric car being recharged

Hino Motors, a subsidiary of Toyota, is working with REE Automotive, an Israeli-based electric vehicle company, to produce electric cars, buses, and trucks.

Both companies are aiming to merge advanced technology with automobiles, giving them sleek designs and can be tweaked to suit each user’s needs. The heads of each company are also optimistic about the collaboration.

“REE is a visionary company, and I am confident that this business alliance will become a driving force for Hino as we take on the challenge of generating new value in commercial mobility,” — Hino Motor’s CEO, Yoshio Shimo.

“This business alliance is a unique opportunity in terms of its global reach and scale. It can position us as a strong leader in the commercial and mobility-as-a-service segments.” REE Automotive’s CEO, Daniel Barel.

The prototype vehicles for the Hino X REE collaboration will be released in 2022 but there is no certain time frame for when the cars will be available for commercial purchase and use.



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