European Commission and U.K probe Facebook

Facebook is facing scrutiny from the European Commission and the United Kingdom for Antitrust.

A photo of Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

The European Commission is investigating Facebook concerning the misuse of data of its users that are gathered by advertisers while the United Kingdom claims to be probing Facebook’s Marketplace and Dating services which were launched in Europe in 2020.

This probe by both the European Commission and the U.K has thrown Facebook open to regulators to begin gathering evidence of antitrust breaches that could lead to Facebook being fined heavily.

The role of online commerce in boosting Facebook’s revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown cannot be downplayed seeing as people began buying goods online at a higher rate.

However, suspicions have risen that Facebook might be using data provided by vendors on the platform for their own will and interest.

Facebook has said via email that they will do all that is necessary to enable the investigation in order to prove that there has been no breach of data on their end.

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