Daymak creates electric crypto mining vehicle

A photo of Daymak’s electric vehicle
Daymak electric vehicle

Canadian electric vehicle company, Daymak, announced that the production of its unique electric vehicle called Spiritus has commenced.

Spiritus is being built with cryptocurrency mining features that will allow it mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum when it is charging or parked.

Daymak stated that the electric mining vehicle is being produced in anticipation of 2023.

Although the specific type of mining hardware that is going to be included in the car wasn’t disclosed, the company reassured that car will be an environmentally-friendly crypto miner that will include the Daymak Nebular mining hardware, the Nebular crypto wallet, and solar charging abilities.

Daymak also stressed that the chances of Spiritus depreciating in value like other cars do is very slim.

The Spiritus is available in the Deluxe model and Ultimate model which are priced at $19,995 and $149,000 respectively.



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