Coca-Cola loses $4 billion due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s action

A photo of a bottle of Coca-Cola

Famous and widely loved football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, attended a press conference in anticipation of Portugal and Hungary’s upcoming game. Upon taking a seat and sighting two bottles of Coca-Cola, he put them aside.

This seemed like a harmless gesture that was based on Ronaldo’s diet preference without any ill intentions towards Coca-Cola as a brand but things have gone south financially for the company since then.

Coca-Cola’s shares were previously worth $56.1 per unit but dipped to $55.2 as a result of a 1.6% drop after the conference ended. This has caused Coca-Cola company value to experience a cumulative loss of $4 billion.

Financial analysts and investors are hoping and predicting a bullish recovery and uptrend in Coca-Cola’s shares price soon.



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