Apple develops new iPad Pro and iPad Mini

Apple iPad

Apple announced to the public that a new iPad Pro that has the wireless charging feature, as well as a freshly designed iPad Mini, is being developed. This is the first significant change the company has made to its iPad products in over 5 years.

The spark in the sales of the iPad grew by 43% during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown due to its usefulness for working and schooling at home informed the need for remodeling.

The iPad Mini is anticipated to be released this year although the date remains unknown while the iPad Pro is to be released in 2022.

Apple revealed that some of the changes that will be happening to the iPad Pro are the replacement of its aluminum back for a glass one while the iPad Mini will have slimmer screen borders and possibly the absence of a home button.

Other core details like the prices and colors in which the remodeled iPads will be available have not been revealed.



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