Almentor bags $6.5 million from Series B round

Almentor is proof that there are successful and lucrative start-up companies in the Arab World.

Founders of Almentor

Almentor is an Arabian online learning platform that was founded by Dr. Ihab Fikry and Ibrahim Kamel in 2016 with the sole aim of helping Arabic speakers build a unique online learning platform supported by videos.

The company carried out a Series B funding which involved organizations such as Partech, Sawari Ventures, Sango Capital, and others. They successfully raised $6.5 million at the end of the round.

Almentor is one of the biggest online learning platforms within the Arab World with over 400 million Arabic speakers worldwide who teach users a variety of useful skills through videos in English and Arabic. They are currently present in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

The online learning platform has over 12,000 videos under its belt, selling its video courses at a maximum of $30.

Almentor said that the funds raised from its just-concluded Series B round will be used for the betterment of its content production and quality as well as to access a larger market.

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